Our Values

Passionate About It.

Woodenstone barbers are passionate about our craft. It’s shown in our friendly banter about styles, how we give great hair-cuts and shaves, and in the spaces we create to make staying well-groomed enjoyable and easy for you.

We’re Open to All.

Every welcome we extend is genuine and each head we hold is treated with the same level of respect and dignity. It’s not intense: it’s simply letting other people feel comfortable being vulnerable. Because sometimes that’s how it feels in the chair.

Wellness & Well-Groomed.

Each interaction we have is a chance to cause comfort, satisfaction, and even paramount experiences with lots of smiles. We promote good grooming behaviours because staying well-groomed is an excellent wellness booster as well.

Style. It’s Personal.

Just like each head is different, we make each customer’s time in the chair a unique journey towards a great style outcome to take home, to work or to play. We only suggest styling products or offer advice we truly believe will be of benefit to you.

Ordinarily Extraordinary.

The changes we perform can be subtle or significant, just as the relationships we forge can be momentary or long-lasting. It’s everyday barber experiences that makes being a barber pretty extraordinary. We’re grateful to share that with you.