Our Story

Always Well-Groomed

It's our commitment to providing personalised service and a welcoming environment that makes staying well-groomed easier than ever before.

Woodenstone Barbers is founded on the principle that good communication between barber and customer always results in a better grooming outcome. Our barbers are focussed on giving you the look you're looking for by connecting with you and with a little help from technology, understand what your style needs are. Then using our well-honed barber's skills, we bring that vision to fruition.

At Woodenstone we promote good grooming behaviours, not simply for the sake of looking great, but because wellness and being well-groomed walk hand-in-hand. Our barber shops are inclusive and open environments designed to make you feel at home and at ease. We extend a warm welcome to anyone wanting to experience good grooming and provide a service to anyone seeking a barber's cut or shave.