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At Woodenstone, our experienced team of barbers are passionate about keeping you looking great and sporting a hair-cut, shave or sculpted beard that sums up your style to a tee. The skills and tools we use are all about delivering an excellent outcome for you in an environment where you'll always feel relaxed and welcome. Book in or walk-in and experience the Woodenstone difference.

Well Being

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We promote good grooming and self-care because it's an excellent wellness booster. What we do isn't therapy but simply feeling great is a commonly reported side-effect of being in the barber's chair.So, just like going to the gym or healthy eating, it makes great common sense to schedule in some regular 'you time' at Woodenstone and get all the benefits of staying well-groomed.

For Faces, Beards & Brows.

Do you need a more significant beard-scaping or just want to sharpen up your current look? We're ready to give you a sculpting, trimming or clean razor shave to leave your face looking great and feeling fantastic.

Sculpt. Shape. Hold. Care.

Keeping your newly acquired look well-maintained takes a few simple skills and the right grooming gear. Choose from our quality selection of up-keep, cleaning and styling products to keep at home, at work, or in the car. It's just sensible!

Personal Style
Delivered with Care.

Creating an original and authentic look for you is worth a conversation. Using our famous banter and a little help from technology, first we build a vision of the look you're looking for. Then, simply kick back and relax as our barber skills go to work making it happen! It's all part of the special attention to detail and customer care that is at the heart of all we do at Woodenstone.