Hair Cuts & Styling

Just Clippers.
For a low maintenance look that's always original and authentic. Using just a single blade, this cut is what barbers do best.
The Precision Cut.
Get a clipper and scissor crafted hair-cut delivered with precision. Brow trim included and finished off with a clean neck-line shave.
Jr. Barber Cut.
Take advantage of this amazing Precision Cut offer with one of our proficient Junior Barbers. Always completed under close supervision to ensure high quality hair-cuts.
The Fade Deluxe.
Schedule now for a haircut that needs a little closer attention. Our barbers are experienced at executing extra sharp fades that deliver a distinct and distinguished effect.
Colour & Cut Deluxe.
Starting with a colour consultation and completed with a deluxe hair-cut to suit. Schedule an appointment for this ultimate style change experience.

Face, Beard & Brows

Facial Hair Trim.
A must for shorter facial hair styles that require some shaping to maintain. Includes a look-lifting brow clip to keep your 'Bob Menzies' at bay.
A Beard Styling.
A distinguished beard needs proper treatment and care. Includes consultation, a scissor and clipper shaping, and a razor finish to give your beard a uniquely crafted look.
The Razor Deluxe.
Look sharp and feel ultra-invigorated with our luxurious razor deluxe treatment. A close and clean shave, relaxing hot towel, topped-off with a soothing balm finish.

U18's, Scholars & Seniors

Basically, if you're under 18 – you qualify for this. Just Clippers amazing price. Must show I.D or bring mum.
The Scholar's Cut
Get some welcome attention at your next lecture! Reduced cost Precision Cuts for Full-Time Uni or College students with valid ID's.
Vintage Treatment
For our more experienced customers. Available to Seniors Card holders and delivered with our complements - a complimentary priced Precision Cut.